Hey there! I’m glad you stopped by.
On April 2016 I closed Coffee Switch in order to join the amazing team over at Blue Jazz Coffee Roasters.

The best cup of coffee begins with coffee that is freshly roasted.

Taste the difference. Make awesome coffee.


Coffee Switch coffee isn’t your regular run of the mill supermarket coffee.

Freshly Roasted

Coffee Switch coffee is fresh. It has a roast date so you can be sure what you’re buying is a quality product. Sadly, most coffee in stores is horribly stale, especially ground coffee. Fresh coffee is not bitter, and does not require sugary additives to make it drinkable. All coffee is kept in whole bean form to maximize freshness.

Made just for you

All coffee from Coffee Switch is roasted to order in single pound batches. Over time, as we learn about each other your coffee will be tailored to your own tastes. Dark roast, medium roast, nutty coffee, chocolate characteristics, or super fruity tasting coffees – there is sure to be something just for you. Let’s discover your favorite!

It's delicious

The flavor that fresh coffee brings is incomparable to something from the grocery store. Your coffee is guaranteed to be delicious. If you don’t like something you’re trying for the first time or if you simply don’t prefer the flavor, a new bag of coffee will be substituted no questions asked. Try various brewing methods to unlock the flavors of your coffee!