This coffee is from the Fazenda do Sertao farm in Carmo de Minas, Brazil. It is pretty typical of most coffees from Brazil in that it has a nice hazelnut/almond to general nutty type smell at light roasts and more chocolate tones for a darker roast. I noticed a bit of flowery scent coming from it as I wet the grounds. It was very pleasant and reminded me of apples and honeysuckle.

This cup is really clean and light feeling, but has a nice full body to it, so it’s a nice contrast. I like it especially in the morning because you don’t have that “coffee in your gut” feeling until lunch time like some coffee I’ve had.

This coffee is roasted to a medium  to just more than medium roast, as I found a dark roast to be downright bitter tasting, and roasts lighter than that to be a bit sour, especially as it cooled.

As the cup cools, I noticed more of an apple like sweetness, with more chocolate flavors coming through. It drinks nice at all temperatures.

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