Have you ever been to a restaurant and ordered coffee? What did the server bring you? Is it a press pot of freshly brewed coffee? Uh, yea right. How about a “I’m too lazy to refill your cup” plastic carafe? Perhaps it’s somewhere in between. Now I’ll admit, I don’t frequent high end restaurants, but even then, is the coffee really that great?

I’ve been to places where I feel the coffee might be great, only to find out I’m better off grabbing a cup at the gas station across the street. I’d really love to enjoy a cup of coffee during or after dinner when I eat out, but I’ve found that the coffee is just a joke. It’s an afterthought. It’s like a place that prides itself on fresh ingredients that serves a cup of black water that was prepared with coffee roasted at least half a year ago.

Occasionally you’ll find the mom and pop diner that may have a commercial grinder who does grind just prior to brewing. The coffee may not the best quality or the freshest, but at least it’s better than some staled out vacuum packed brick that has no aromatics or flavor whatsoever.

So why am I angry about coffee?

The answer is simple. I’m a spoiled coffee snob.

To be fair, I roast and brew my own coffee. Once you go down the path of tasting fresh coffee, it’s like you re-discover what coffee is. I’m not talking about some sugar bomb with whipped cream and enough chocolate for five drinks. I’m talking about plain, freshly roasted and freshly brewed coffee.

Hot water, ground coffee, and five minutes. That’s it.

My mission is to help you find and re-discover coffee. I hope that by posting information here at coffeeswitch.com you will try something new, without sugar and milk or cream, and taste what coffee is meant to taste like.

As I update and revise the site and get on a schedule for posting new items, I hope you can be inspired by the content. Let’s take back what it mean s to enjoy a cup of coffee. Thank you.