Here’s a little video I’ve done to showcase how roasting happens at my house and a neat chaff collection and exhaust project I’m trying out.

Apologies for the messy garage. I just assembled my new grill (yay!) and we’ve been doing remodeling and storing all the excess out there, so it’s a bit cramped.

I’m looking at doing this project because the roasting process produces smoke and when I’m roasting three to four batches back to back it can get a little excessive, especially in the winter or if I’m roasting late at night when the doors are closed. I’m slowly working on a new roasting station and these little projects are an easy way to test out the feasibility of an idea.

I’m proud to report that temperatures seem to be relatively low and the blower motor does not get hot. It’s still very warm to the touch, and since I’m considering PVC pipe for the finished project I’m not sure how that will affect the heat levels. On the batch that had the most chaff, I’d say 95% of it went through. I’ll be posting an update in the future about this project for those who are interested.