Tested: Measuring Coffee

Do you like Mythbusters? Well, the popular duo also have a website called Tested. I found an awesome video that Will did on how to accurately measure your coffee.

There are 3 things I love about this video.

  1. Measuring coffee by weight is exactly how you should measure your coffee for awesome results.
  2. The grinder used, is the same one I use, a Baratza.
  3. Nothing beats manual brewing, either through an AeroPress, Hario v60, or Clever Coffee Dripper.

While I like the scale he used, I personally use the Escali digital scale. It is tough (I’ve dropped it at least ten times) and it comes in a variety of colors.

So check out this quick video for a run down of how I recommend to measure coffee.


  1. how about the water? tap, distilled, cold, cool, bottled, etc.?

    • I have a lot of information on water in that section of my “Making Great Coffee” page, but in general, avoid distilled water. Heat it to around 200 degrees and make sure it’s good water, bottled or filtered, and enjoy!


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