Well, the time certainly is flying by. I have to apologize if you’ve stopped by and have been a little disappointed in the website. Some personal projects have gone on for a very long time, and the transition into summer is still going for me as I attempt to work out a schedule.

Additionally, I’ve been distracted more on making coffee at home than I have been writing articles for you to read. I think my last post showcases that a little bit.

Recently I’ve got some additional designs and ideas for improving my roasting set up. I hope to implement these in the next couple of weeks so I can share more spare time with the website instead of roasting.

Truth be told, many of you who know me personally know that the Fourth of July for me is almost better than Christmas(in an American celebratory kind of way). I’m working out my fireworks show, so a lot of my time is dedicated in that arena as well. I guess we all have to make choices, and for now, this website will continue to exist, but may not be as robust as quickly as I was originally anticipating. I suppose that’s okay. While I continue to work on some additional graphical elements, once finished, I plan to do a miniature launch of the coffeeswitch website and will attempt to bring at a minimum, bi-weekly updates, help, opinions, and learning opportunities.

Until next time, brew a better cup!